Soft domination

His hands would move to my buttocks and he would clutch the cheeks in his hands and lift me up to him, to his mouth, drawing me closer to his hardness. I’d wrap my arms around his neck and my legs around his waist, and kiss him deeply, our tongues hot and hungry. Then he’d throw me on the bed. He’d get down on his knees, and lift my leg up, and kiss it moving upward, starting with my toes. He’d kiss the spot behind my knees, and slowly move up my thighs, making me tremble in anticipation. 

He’d flick the outside of my silk panties with his tongue, then bite onto them and pull them down my legs. I sit up, my legs hanging over the side of the bed. He’d stand up, put his hands under my chin to cradle my head, and kiss me. I’ll unbuckle his belt, pull it off, then unbutton and unzip his pants, no small feat considering that my hands are trembling. He wore boxer briefs–my final barrier to heaven, which he soon discarded. I clutched his throbbing tool, and dipped my head down to suck its tip. He leaned back, enjoying himself for a minute. Then he took my hands, and lifted them above my head. It was so hot being dominated.

Hold me

Super Bowl Sunday!!

So in preparation for the Super Bowl – let’s talk FOOTBALL! Who are you cheering for? Where are my Rams or Patriots fans at? What are your plans for the BIG DAY? What I would really like to know is – can any of you have HOT sex while watching FOOTBALL? I think that is so extremely sexy and hot! Let’s play …..